Rates -  2021

Board  $700

Daily turn out, blanketing

Grain fed daily (owner provides)

Handling for shoer or vet

Stalls and paddocks cleaned daily (7 days a week)

Training $600  Based on a 3 week month

Includes a minimum 10 rides/lessons per month

Lessons/Rides $65

Individual lessons or rides - Length dependent on ability, age,

rate of progress of horse or rider- Not Run By the Clock

Horse Shows

Schooling Fee: Per Test $35

Schooling Fee Warm Up Day $35

Day Care: $30 per day (Horses not boarded at Sequel Farm)

Tack/Groom stall split among all horses

Grooming: $60 per horse

Travel/RV Hookups: Split among number of horses

Braiding: $60

Miscellaneous Charges

Hauling: $100 minimum - $1 per mile round trip after 100 miles

Body Clip: Full $150, Trace $75

Trims/Mane Pulling $35