Colleen (Walker) Burnett(non-registered)
Audrey, You have done SO much with yourself and excelled SO far, that I am in awe!! I am so very thrilled, (and slightly jealous!), that you made it to the ''big leagues'' with horses!! I live in Grass Valley, CA and a couple of days ago met a friend of yours at the Draft Horse Classic ! I don't remember her name :-/ but she told me how awesome you are, and the great things you've done with your training/showing endeavors!!!! I truly couldn't be happier for you!!! Back at Woodside Elementry, I would have figured that I might be the one to ''make it'' in the horse world, but, WOW GIRL!!!! You did!!! I still have a horse, and give riding lessons though!! I've been married for 23+ years now and have an 11 year old daughter. I have many things to say, but I'll spare you!! I hate writing, but I just HAD to let you know how ecstatic I am for you!!! (and slightly jealous!! ) :-) Well, have fun with your awesome life!!! And, ''May the Horse be with You!!'' My Very Best Wishes To You!!, Colleen (Walker) Burnett Happy Trails!!!
Pam Burns(non-registered)
I am thrilled to be taking western dressage lessons with Jasper and classical with Reno! Your facility is so lovely and the footing in your arena to die for! Wish I lived closer but will make it happen regardless! Thank you!
Erin Ford(non-registered)
Hi Audrey! It's been years since I had Chuck in training with you out in Woodside but I wanted to say hello. I love the directions you've gone in with your training. I have my horses at home with me now in Oakland, so I have been showing in trail related things with my Mustang and Tennesse Walker. I met a woman at a trail challenge today with a lovely mule who recommended Heart B mules, and you are all over that site doing amazing things with mules! Next weekend I take my young Mustang to his first NATRC ride. Glad to see you are doing so well- I'm not surprised. XO, Ellis (I go by my middle name now)
Terry and Judy Neill(non-registered)
Terry and I are looking forward to meeting you and watching you work with Ace (Sue Ramey's horse). Ace has a very warm spot in both of our hearts. We miss him.
thank You

Judy and Terry
Amy Rickford(non-registered)
This site is really nice, love all the photos!
Elaine Case(non-registered)
Love the new website!
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